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The Human Microbiome

EIT Food, University of Turin

5 mins

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In this course, the University of Turin analyzes the human microbiome: its components, its functions, how we can use diet to sustain it, and the burgeoning field of psychobiotics.


The Human Microbiome

The Human Microbiome

by EIT Food


Microorganisms may be small in size, but they are anything but diminutive in impact. These tiny life-forms influence all aspects of our health, from immunity to metabolism to mood regulation.

The Human Microbiome is a FutureLearn course created by the University of Turin in association with the EIT Food. Led by professor of Food Microbiology Luca Cocolin, the course begins by defining the human microbiome and its functions. We explore how food can fuel or break down bacterial health, why the current Western diet is inadequate, and the findings emerging around the gut's relationship to mental health.

Favorite quote

The microbiomes have many essential functions in the body: from helping digestion and producing vitamins to supporting the development of the immune system and preventing infections.

- Luca Cocolin

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