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The Human Edge

Greg Orme

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Author Greg Orme makes the case that we shouldn't view advancing artificial intelligence as a competitor, but instead differentiate ourselves by focusing on our distinctly human traits.


The Human Edge

The Human Edge

by Greg Orme


Many of us fear a world where artificial intelligence, or A.I., has taken over the planet, as seen in countless sci-fi movies. A scenario in which A.I. dominates humans is unlikely to happen. There is truth to the fact, however, that it is continuing to take over jobs once reserved for humans. How can humans maintain relevance in our increasingly digital world?

Thought leader and author Greg Orme believes we should not attempt to compete with A.I., but further differentiate ourselves from it. In 2019's The Human Edge, Orme argues that our innately human qualities of consciousness, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration are the keys to a more successful future for all of us.

The author draws from various sources and examples, from Twyla Tharp to Pixar, to illustrate his points about humans versus A.I. Orme includes many practical exercises that encourage the reader to get in touch with their creativity and connect with the people around them.

Favorite quote

In a world that's changing at a dizzying pace, I encourage you to become an even more human human. This is vitally important.

- Greg Orme

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