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The Holocaust: An Introduction, Part 2

Tel Aviv University, Professor Havi Dreifuss, PhD, Dr Na'ama Bela Shik PhD

5 mins

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This course, co-produced by Tel Aviv University and Yad Vashem, examines the factors that contributed to the systematic massacre of Jews during World War II and the early reactions of locals to the 'Final Solution'.


The Holocaust: An Introduction, Part 2

The Holocaust: An Introduction, Part 2

by Tel Aviv University


With six million innocent Jews executed in front of the world, the Holocaust was a watershed moment in the history of humanity and oppression.

Professor Havi Dreifuss is a historian of the Eastern European Holocaust, a senior lecturer in Tel Aviv University's department of Jewish history, and director of the Yad Vashem center for Holocaust Research in Poland. Dr. Na'ama Bela Shik is the director of the Educational Technology Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem.

In the second part of The Holocaust: An Introduction, professor Dreifuss and Dr. Shik trace the history of the Holocaust in Europe, the response of the locals in Nazi-occupied territories, and the resistance against Nazi oppression.

Favorite quote

A country is not just what it does, it is also what it tolerates.

- Kurt Tucholsky, Jewish-German journalist

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