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The Holocaust: An Introduction, Part 1

Tel Aviv University, Professor Havi Dreifuss PhD, Dr Na'ama Bela Shik PhD

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

This course, co-produced by Tel Aviv University and Yad Vashem, digs into the historical context of the Holocaust, Nazism, and its roots in ancient antisemitism.


The Holocaust: An Introduction, Part 1

The Holocaust: An Introduction, Part 1

by Tel Aviv University


What drives antisemites to hate a people of faith that bears such major similarities to other major world religions, such as Christianity and Islam? Is it true that antisemitism has evolved over time? Was there something unique about Nazi antisemitism that culminated in the Holocaust?

Professor Havi Dreifuss is a historian of the Eastern European Holocaust, a senior lecturer in Tel Aviv University's Department of Jewish History, and director of the Yad Vashem Center for Holocaust Research in Poland. Dr. Na'ama Bela Shik is the director of the Educational Technology Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem.

In this course, Professor Dreifuss and Dr. Shik trace the history of antisemitism and how it manifested itself in its most gruesome form: the Holocaust of Nazi Germany.

Favorite quote

In spite of all the shattering experiences and bitter disappointments, I still believe in the human being, and even in the German human being. A new humanity will rise, to which the German people will also belong.

- Avraham Levin, Hebrew and Jewish History teacher, June 1942

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