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The High-Conflict Couple

Alan E. Fruzzetti

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The High-Conflict Couple provides the tools necessary to improve your intimate relationships by practicing the principles of dialectical behavior therapy.


The High-Conflict Couple

The High-Conflict Couple

by Alan E. Fruzzetti


Why do we say the most hurtful and disparaging things to those we love the most? All relationships have conflict and struggle, but exceptionally high-conflict relationships can be draining and incredibly detrimental over time.

Alan E. Fruzzetti was part of the team at the University of Washington that first developed dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT. Fruzzetti is an expert in couple and family therapy and spent 20 years researching the relationships of intimate couples.

DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps dispel emotional conflict by utilizing strategies of emotional regulation, acceptance, and mindfulness. DBT has been proven to stop long-standing patterns of destructive habits by teaching people how to manage their emotions.

Published in 2019, The High-Conflict Couple explores how to improve intimate relationships. It advocates for a non-judgmental approach of healthy validation, emotional self-regulation, and clear communication.

Favorite quote

The first step has to do with thinking about and experiencing yourself as partners, as part of a partnership, as a team, not as opponents or adversaries.

- Alan E. Fruzzetti

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