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The Hidden Life of Trees

Peter Wohlleben, Tim Flannery, Jane Billinghurst, Suzanne Simard

5 mins

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The Hidden Life of Trees describes how trees can communicate, support each other, learn from experience, and form alliances with other inhabitants of the forest.


The Hidden Life of Trees

The Hidden Life of Trees

by Peter Wohlleben


There's so much more to forests than what meets the human eye. As you walk through the woods, you may get the impression that trees are passive entities. They're still. Their growth is barely perceptible. They don't communicate with us. It's easy to start taking their presence for granted.

In The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben shows us that these are all but appearances. Having worked as a forester for over 30 years, he's gathered surprising data and observations about the secrets of trees and their complexity.

Over the course of their evolution, trees have developed sophisticated communication and cooperation systems that are similar to ours. Trees may even have their own version of consciousness and wisdom.

Favorite quote

When you know that trees experience pain, have memories, and that tree parents live together with their children, then you can no longer just chop them down and disrupt their lives with larger machines.

- Peter Wohlleben

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