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The Happy Mind

Kevin Horsley, Louis Fourie

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The Happy Mind shows us what science and experience teaches about how to become happier - assuming responsibility for our own well-being.


The Happy Mind

The Happy Mind

by Kevin Horsley


The value of The Happy Mind isn't so much in discovering brand new lands of knowledge about happiness. Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie constantly point towards the fact that we all have what it takes to be happy inside of us. Here, they assemble the characteristics that happy people have in common and build their signposts towards happiness on these traits.

The authors touch upon various angles from which we can look at happiness. Here, you'll find a blend of neuroscience and evolutionary background, the social and financial dimension of happiness, and even a bit of a spiritual lookout. Some of the points shed light on the mental processes that are always going on just beneath the surface of your consciousness. Others will come as reminders of what you may have once known about happiness but forgot over the years of a busy, stressful, and demanding life.

Favorite quote

Happy people use their 'clever' brain to limit the irrelevant messages of their primeval brain.

- Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie

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