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The Good Jobs StrategyBy Zeynep Ton

In a Nutshell

The Good Jobs Strategy busts the myth that low-paying jobs are necessary for retail chain success.

Favorite Quote

The good jobs strategy is a long-term investment in your employees with the expectation that those well-paid, well-trained, well-motivated employees will generate even more than they cost.

Zeynep Ton


MIT Professor of Management Zeynep Ton has spent over 15 years researching which investment opportunities provide the best results for businesses.

Her book, The Good Jobs Strategy, showcases her greatest findings, allowing readers to better understand what factors matter most in maintaining a strong, healthy business.

The Good Jobs Strategy rests on two main pillars: increasing employee investment and strengthening operations.

By putting more resources into uplifting workers and clarifying operational procedures, businesses can grow employee productivity and motivation, while amplifying revenue through repeat customers.

Ton offers specific action items for businesses – such as cross-training employees and offering fewer services – along with guidelines on how to maximize your business's potential and empower investors, consumers, and employees alike.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Low wages are an unnecessary sacrifice for retail chain success
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