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The Future of Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies

Coventry University

5 mins

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This course from Coventry University explains the basics of cybersecurity, how it is impacted by emerging technologies, and the challenges companies face in protecting their data.


The Future of Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies

The Future of Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies

by Coventry University


At any given moment, there is an invisible battle occurring all around us. But when we hear about data breaches and hacks in the news, how much do we know about what they entail?

Discussion of cybersecurity is often bogged down by impenetrable jargon. Fortunately, this course designed by the faculty of Coventry University lays out the basic concepts of cybersecurity without getting lost in the weeds of technical terminology. You will learn how companies work together and share experiences to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, as well as the steps your own company can take to protect their technical assets.

Favorite quote

Organisations that function in digital ecosystems can either be an accelerant or barrier to digital resilience ... if industries can engage in distributing threat intelligence, that will make it easier for an organisation to change from passive to active defence.

- Coventry University

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