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The Fortune Cookie Principle

Bernadette Jiwa

5 mins

3 key insights

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The Fortune Cookie Principle explains why a great product or service isn't enough – today, a compelling story about your brand is the most important aspect of running a business.


The Fortune Cookie Principle

The Fortune Cookie Principle

by Bernadette Jiwa


Have you ever tried a fortune cookie? Whether you believe in their powers or not, they've become extremely popular due to their originality, but also their added value.

Bernadette Jiwa likes to think of our favorite companies, products, and brands as fortune cookies: we love them just as much for the story they tell as we do for the products or services they have to offer. In today's world, good products aren't enough any more. The stories we tell about them make all the difference.

Favorite quote

Your job, then, is not just to build a great thing but also to care enough to tell the best story you can about it.

- Bernadette Jiwa

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