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The Fine Art of Small Talk

Debra Fine

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The Fine Art of Small Talk teaches us how to skilfully start, continue, and end conversations with anyone, no matter how shy we think we are.


The Fine Art of Small Talk

The Fine Art of Small Talk

by Debra Fine


Who really enjoys an elevator ride with strangers, or all the small talk wrapped up with getting a haircut? However, these little interactions have much more potential than we give them credit for. They can be the foundation to important business relationships, lasting friendships, and even romances.

It's perfectly normal to feel shy. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because they're afraid to talk to people it means they'll always be that way. Thankfully, that's not true - our mind is more fluid than we think.

If you feel like you're the only shy person in the world, look no further than author Debra Fine for someone who has been there herself. She began her career as an engineer on the basis that it involved less communication. Eventually, she'd had it with her situation and decided to make some changes to meet new people. After learning how to become great at small talk, Fine began to take charge of her life. We can break through the fear and learn to become great at conversation skills, and The Fine Art of Small Talk is our way there.

Favorite quote

The truth is, most people don't want advice - they want empathy and compassion.

- Debra Fine

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