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The Financial Markets Context

The Open University, Ramy Majouji

5 mins

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In this course, The Open University breaks down stock market efficiency, guiding learners through the efficiency hypothesis, how it translates into the real world, and its potential pitfalls.


The Financial Markets Context

The Financial Markets Context

by The Open University


Investors make money thanks to discrepancies between a stock's intrinsic value and its market price. But without a discernable pattern to these changes, they are likely to lose it all just as quickly.

Authored by Ramy Majouji, a design technologist who specializes in finance technology, this course from The Open University introduces the concept of market efficiency. Majouji takes us through the origin of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, how inefficiencies enable investors to make excessive returns, and the downfalls of the theory.

Favorite quote

Financial markets can be notoriously volatile, and the stock market is possibly the most volatile of them all.

- Ramy Majouji

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