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The Fifth Agreement

Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills

5 mins

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The Fifth Agreement shines a new light on ancient Toltec wisdom to help us cultivate deep self-awareness and be our authentic selves.


The Fifth Agreement

The Fifth Agreement

by Miguel Ruiz


One of the reasons we're afraid of finding success is that a monumental challenge comes with it: how do you follow up on that? Once you've sold your company, written a bestseller, or landed a blockbuster movie hit, the world will expect you to come up with an improved version of it. That's too much pressure for most people to handle.

In The Fifth Agreement, Don Miguel Ruiz challenges this idea and shares the spiritual secrets to embracing life and letting go of the lies about yourself you've been holding onto. Embrace your authentic self, and you'll notice the world around you begin to change.

Favorite quote

We can only think in a language that we master.

- Don Miguel Ruiz

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