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The Female Orgasm, Explained

Joe Posner, Ezra Klein

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An examination of the origins of the misconceptions of female sexuality and its propagation in popular culture, this documentary explores the pleasure gap, inconclusive sex science, and how socialization affects the likelihood of the female orgasm.


The Female Orgasm, Explained

The Female Orgasm, Explained

by Joe Posner


Most of us understand orgasm as the goal of sex. This is largely because women and men are often fed conflicting information about what sex is for, what it should feel like, what the goal is, and whether you should want it. The media often portrays the male orgasm as easily attainable and even artless. But the female orgasm is often the topic of conversations aimed at deciphering and demystifying. This bewilderment may be the reason that women have fewer orgasms than men.

There have been periods and movements in history in which female sexuality was embraced, but these periods were fleeting, and the embrace, temporary.

Experiences of the female orgasm are varied, but popular schools of thought on female sexuality have always been homogenous. Women's experiences range from tingling sensations in their fingers to sensations of taste, smell, and sight that seem surreal and inexplicable. There are feelings of adrenaline, bright lights and darkness, the suspense of a rollercoaster heading for a drop, and vivid descriptions of the colors they feel they are experiencing.

The Female Orgasm, Explained examines the myths and enduring mysteries of the female orgasm. Comedian Rachel Bloom narrates the evolution of female sexuality, how societal norms contribute to unexamined assumptions, and the G-spot myth.

Favorite quote

Pleasure is about privilege. Not everybody has the right to pleasure, historically.

- Mireille Miller-Young, Professor of Feminist Studies

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