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The Evolution of Everything

Matt Ridley

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The Evolution Of Everything compares creationist to evolutionist thinking, showing how the process of evolution we know from biology underlies and permeates the entire world, including society, morality, and even the internet.


The Evolution of Everything

The Evolution of Everything

by Matt Ridley


Whether you're religious or not, chances are, you have at one point struggled with making sense of how the human species as we know it today came into being. Religious people usually point to God, Jehovah, or Allah - in the case of ancient Greece, even to several gods, like Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. Agnostics and atheists prefer Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.

However, author Matt Ridley stopped asking 'Who's right?' Instead, he accepted both approaches as different doctrines, which shape how we view many different aspects of our daily lives.

Favorite quote

The things that go well are largely unintended; the things that go badly are largely intended.

- Matt Ridley

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