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The Evolution of Desire

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Jordan B. Peterson, David Buss

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In this episode from October 2021, Jordan B. Peterson and David Buss discuss evolutionary psychology theories and the instincts that drive human reproductive behavior.


The Evolution of Desire

The Evolution of Desire

by The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


It is a truism as old as time: we do not choose who we fall in love with. But our unconscious decisions are less romantic and more biological than we care to admit. The Jordan B. Peterson podcast is hosted by the titular clinical psychologist himself. The professor emeritus at the University of Toronto combines interviews and lectures to cover all aspects of human behavior.

In this episode from October 2021, Peterson is joined by David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas. Buss has been cited as one of the 50 most influential psychologists worldwide. The two discuss theories of human mating behavior, busting myths from the patriarchy to equality to why women are attracted to 'bad boys.'

Favorite quote

I always ask people … 'Do you sleep with everyone? Oh, you're selective are you? Well isn't that oppression, exclusion, and judgment at the most fundamental level? And is that really something you're willing to sacrifice?'

- Jordan B. Peterson

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