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The Essential Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Fischer

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This 1962 book from journalist Louis Fischer presents selections from Mahatma Gandhi's political and spiritual life, which can still inspire bold resistance to injustices many years later.


The Essential Gandhi

The Essential Gandhi

by Mahatma Gandhi


What allowed Gandhi to have such a large impact on human history? Revered worldwide as a pinnacle of non-violence and a 'great soul,' or 'Mahatma,' Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was also a committed person of faith.

Originally published in 1962 as a volume of Gandhi's writings, American journalist Louis Fischer published a new edition of The Essential Gandhi in 2002, focusing on the spirituality behind his teachings. In many ways Gandhi was a civil rights pioneer, paving the way for future non-violent leaders, but this classic also seeks to remember who Gandhi was as a spiritual person. Collected from his speeches and written works, Gandhi's hopes, insights, and imperfections featured here reflect his humanity.

Favorite quote

Gandhi was a unique person, a great person, perhaps the greatest figure of the last nineteen hundred years. And his words have been preserved as they came from his mouth and pen. Then let the Mahatma speak.

- Louis Fischer

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