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The Duke

Ian Lloyd

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Showcasing the quirky personality of the Duke of Edinburgh, this book encapsulates the life of Prince Philip alongside Queen Elizabeth II in 100 chapters.


The Duke

The Duke

by Ian Lloyd


On April 9 2021, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, died at the age of 99. His long life was filled with turmoil, joy, and drama, and The Duke offers an informative and often amusing look into the life of Prince Philip.

Ian Lloyd is a writer and photographer who specializes in the British royal family. His other books include A Year in the Life of a Duchess, New Royal Family, and An Audience with Queen Victoria.

Comprising both entertaining anecdotes and challenging family squabbles, with several chapters devoted to Philip's withering one-liners, The Duke is an engaging elegy to the late prince.

Favorite quote

I doubt whether I've achieved anything likely to be remembered.

- Prince Philip

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