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The Designer's Guide to Writing and Research

Steven Heller

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Art director and design author Steven Heller teaches the essential writing skills for designers wishing to create art through language.


The Designer's Guide to Writing and Research

The Designer's Guide to Writing and Research

by Steven Heller


Designers can often be intimidated by writing about design, but every designer can be a good writer. Design students, new designers, and even experienced professionals can conquer their insecurities and learn to craft content about design.

Steven Heller is a former art director for the New York Times and has written, co-written, and edited over 170 books on design. Heller is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help designers create images with their words.

Heller's Skillshare course covers the foundations of good writing, including research and reading, offering practical creative writing tips to get designers started on their writing journey. The designer outlines how to strategize your writing, find your voice, and write with a passion for any project.

Favorite quote

To be a great designer you really have to be articulate and literate.

- Steven Heller

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