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The Dawn of EverythingBy David Graeber, David Wengrow

In a Nutshell

Anthropologist David Graeber and archeologist David Wengrow narrate the history of our social evolution, questioning the social constructs dividing human history into distinct demographics.

Favorite quote

In developing the scientific means to know our own past, we have exposed the mythical substructure of our 'social science' – what once appeared unassailable axioms, the stable points around which our self-knowledge is organized, are scattering like mice.

David Graeber and David Wengrow


The prevailing Eurocentric view of human history sees our primitive ancestors as naive simpletons and perceives civilization as the natural outcome of progress.

In their keen study of human remains from diverse locations and times, anthropologist David Graeber and archeologist David Wengrow debunk the truth about the origins of society. As well as teaching anthropology at the London School of Economics, Graeber is the author of Bullshit Jobs and Debt. Wengrow is a professor of comparative archeology at University College London and the author of bestselling book What Makes Civilizations?

In The Dawn of Everything, Graeber and Wengrow retell the complex human history of knowledge, civilization, wars, and progress from an evidentiary perspective.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Social theories introduced in post-Enlightenment Europe still shape our narratives around the question of inequality
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