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The Cyber Security Landscape

Coventry University, Anitha Chinnaswamy

5 mins

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This course by Coventry University provides an introduction to the world of cyber security, looking at the potential impacts of cyberattacks, the people involved, and what can be done to protect against them.


The Cyber Security Landscape

The Cyber Security Landscape

by Coventry University


We are increasingly reliant on digital systems and cloud computing in today's world. But this increased reliance brings increased risk. With the annual cost of cybercrime estimated to be $600 billion and rising, what can be done about it?

Developed by Anitha Chinnaswamy, Assistant Professor of Cyber Security Management at Coventry Business School, this course examines the main types of cyberattacks, how they work, and strategies for preventing them. Using real-world examples, the course looks at how cyberattacks unfold, and actions that were taken by the targeted organizations.

Favorite quote

Cybercrime impacts organisations not only with financial losses but can lead to reputational damage, employee morale, trust with customers, regulatory issues and other damaging effects.

- Coventry University

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