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The Conquest of SpaceBy Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo, Mario Merino, Eduardo Ahedo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

In a Nutshell

In this edX course, Dr. Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo and Dr. Mario Merino explore the history and importance of space engineering — unraveling how space travel came about, how it works, and why humankind is so fascinated by the possibilities of the unknown sky.

Favorite quote

Space exploration enables us, it inspires us, it enables us to satisfy our innate curiosity. We're all children at heart wanting to understand — how does the universe work, why is it like that, why isn't it like that?

Dr. Martin Kessler, Head of ESA Science Operation Department


Human beings have always been fascinated by space. Ancient civilizations studied the skies and our theories about how the universe works have developed over the course of thousands of years. In the last hundred years, our long-held dreams of space exploration have become a reality.

The Conquest of Space documents the complete history of space exploration, showing how technological and political developments helped humankind become capable of leaving our planet.

Aerospace engineering professors Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo, Mario Merino, and Eduardo Ahedo explain the science and history behind the rockets which have taken us beyond our atmosphere and show how space exploration transformed, from a competition between warring nations, into a global effort.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Both science and war were crucial to the development of space exploration
  2. 2.
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