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The Chemistry of Life

Motonari Uesugi, Kyoto University

5 mins

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This Kyoto University course delivered through edX dives deep into the perplexing chemistry of molecules essential to life and the methods we use to study them.


The Chemistry of Life

The Chemistry of Life

by Motonari Uesugi


Everything we perceive with our six senses is made of elements and the structures that elements create together. We cannot fully understand how life functions and how it came to be without tackling its complex chemistry.

Motonari Uesugi is a renowned professor at The Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences and Institute for Chemical Research at the University of Kyoto. In this course from University of Kyoto and edX, Uesugi explains the elaborate actions and interactions of essential life molecules, including nucleic acids, proteins, and amino acids. The course also offers a glimpse into the chemical methods we use to analyze and create these molecules.

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