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The Blue Zones Solution

Dan Buettner

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The Blue Zones Summary shows us how to adopt the lifestyle and mindset practices of the healthiest, longest-living people on the planet, from the five locations with the highest population of centenarians.


The Blue Zones Solution

The Blue Zones Solution

by Dan Buettner


For thousands of years, tales of the Fountain of Youth have been recounted and shared across various generations. This fountain supposedly gave restorative powers to anyone who drinks or bathes in its life-giving waters. To this day, it remains an elusive mystery. Dan Buettner's book The Blue Zones Solution, however, reveals how we can get closer to achieving a healthy, vital and active lifestyle well into our 80s, 90s-- even past age 100.

After more than a decade of gathering research, Buettner has identified the places where people live the longest. His extensive analysis pinpointed five locations where the highest concentration of 100-year olds grows old without heart problems, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and a host of other related diseases. Any guesses? Research reveals they're Greece, Japan, Sardinia, California, and Costa Rica. Now, Buettner follows up with more practical advice.

Favorite quote

Knowing why we get up in the morning is one of the greatest antidotes to the downs in life.

- Dan Buettner

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