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The Art of Stopping Time

Pedram Shojai

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Pedram Shojai offers guidelines and habits to help us harness the finite amount of time we have on earth and better ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


The Art of Stopping Time

The Art of Stopping Time

by Pedram Shojai


Despite us being the longest living generation in human history, nearly all of us feel like we just don't have enough time. We've become more connected but also more stressed. We multitask and work long hours and still feel like we're not getting enough done. Time is the most valuable gift we have, and it's important not to squander it.

Pedram Shojai, OMD, is a former Taoist monk turned wellness consultant, author, and filmmaker. The Art of Stopping Time is designed to help us develop a healthier connection with time by taking ownership of our limited time and re-prioritizing our lives to use time effectively. Shojai leads us toward setting realistic goals that make us feel accomplished without overburdening ourselves and leading us to feel inadequate. We can achieve a better relationship with time and goals through practical life skills and spiritual rituals to regain energy, lower stress, and become self-actualized.

Favorite quote

Time is the currency of life. We have a certain amount of heartbeats with which to savor life and really taste it.

- Pedram Shojai

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