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The Art of Patience

Sylvain Tesson, Frank Wynne

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In The Art of Patience, writer and adventurer Sylvain Tesson brings us closer to the world of Tibet and its mystical slopes and plateaus through his physical and spiritual journey to find the evasive snow leopard.


The Art of Patience

The Art of Patience

by Sylvain Tesson


Although the landscape of Tibet leaves an impression of a harsh and barren land, its plateaus are bustling with life, beauty, and spiritual awakenings.
Sylvain Tesson guides us through this side of the Roof of the World, also sometimes known as High Asia, poetically describing his personal journey over its weathered ridges and hidden valleys, as well as the unique encounters with its wild inhabitants.

Sylvain Tesson is a French writer and traveler with a background in geography and geopolitics.

Rich with poetic sentiments and vivid descriptions, Tesson's latest book, The Art of Patience, tells the story of his travel to Tibet with friends, and their quest to find the elusive, mysterious snow leopard.

Favorite quote

What quality made it possible to paint a picture, to write a sonata or a poem? Patience. It always brought its rewards, its delicate fluctuations offering both the risk that time will seem long and a method for never becoming bored. To wait was to pray.

- Sylvain Tesson

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