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The Art of Non-Conformity

Chris Guillebeau

5 mins

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The Art of Non-Conformity teaches us how to play life by our own rules by providing practical glimpses into the world of self-employment, a new approach to travel, and conscious spending habits.


The Art of Non-Conformity

The Art of Non-Conformity

by Chris Guillebeau


For Chris Guillebeau, living a life of conformity isn't an option. For him, there's much more to life than simply waking up and commuting to a 9 to 5 job. Time is precious and should be rendered productive but also deeply enjoyed.

His goal is to break the shackles of normality, throwout the rulebook, and encourage others to write their own. The Art of Non-Conformity covers psychological blockages like fear, a lack of purpose and diminished confidence, providing entrepreneurial advice for funding our dreams in a meaningful way. Guillebeau also teaches you how to spend your money in the best way possible, so you can reach all your objectives and goals.

Favorite quote

What you do doesn't matter.

- Chris Guillebeau

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