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The Art of Focus

Christina Bengtsson

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World champion precision shooter Christina Bengtsson applies the intense focus skills she learned from her sport to every aspect of life and personal development in her book The Art of Focus —10.9.


The Art of Focus

The Art of Focus

by Christina Bengtsson


In today's attention economy, most people don't know how to adopt a focus mindset. Christina Bengtsson is setting out to change that by using the skills she learned as a world champion precision shooter in everyday life.

Bengtsson, who is originally from Sweden and also served as a military officer, teaches that a focus mindset can improve your work life, reduce stress, and help you achieve your full potential.

In her book, The Art of Focus —10.9, Bengtsson lays out the conditions that affect our ability to focus and the unexpected role empathy plays in this process. Bengtsson offers a solution to distracting thoughts and clarifies the different types of focus, including sharp focus and relaxed focus.

Favorite quote

In today's attention-overloaded society, focus is an especially essential, yet a seldom practiced skill. Imagine what could be accomplished if you were free to concentrate on the task at hand, fully present and free of distractions.

- Christina Bengtsson

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