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The Anthropocene Reviewed

John Green

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In this essay collection, vlogger, podcaster, and author John Green argues that while the world may be broken, hope isn't crazy.


The Anthropocene Reviewed

The Anthropocene Reviewed

by John Green


John Green knows that it isn't cool to hope. But that's okay — being cool was never his top priority. As the author of the novel The Fault in our Stars and the host of the Crash Course web series, Green has always sought to inspire and educate young audiences.

In this collection of essays, the writer turns his characteristic blend of honesty and humor toward the Anthropocene, the present geological age defined by our own impact on the Earth. Using a star rating system, Green 'reviews' the human condition itself through a series of level-headed observations that embrace our faults and frailty while refusing to discard hope.

Favorite quote

I know now with a viscerality I didn't before that consciousness is temporary and precarious. It's not a metaphor to say that human life is a balancing act.

- John Green

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