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The Algebra of Happiness

Scott Galloway

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The Algebra of Happiness shows readers how to weigh up the trade-offs in life, and chose the best path to happiness, now and in the future.


The Algebra of Happiness

The Algebra of Happiness

by Scott Galloway


You probably studied algebra in school, but the only equation you need to know to make a better life is simple: X + Y = happiness.

Speaker, author, and NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway believes there is a formula for happiness. In his 2019 book, The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning, Galloway provides wisdom on how to choose the right path to happiness. By exploring life through the lens of algebra, Galloway demonstrates that there will always be trade-offs in happiness.

The trick is getting the right balance of variables for you, and learning to be happy follows a similar pattern. Some variables change depending on others — like how much you work or play, for example. This is exactly what The Algebra of Happiness teaches you. Are you ready to dive into the equation of life and happiness?

Favorite quote

'Struggle porn' will tell you that you must be miserable before you can be successful. This isn't true: you can experience a lot of reward on the way to success.

- Scott Galloway

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