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The Age of AI: How AI Is Searching for Aliens

Robert Downey Jr.

5 mins

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Artificial Intelligence has been helping us search for intelligent life for quite some time – without AI, we couldn't even think of analyzing all the data coming to us from deep space. This documentary highlights that journey.


The Age of AI: How AI Is Searching for Aliens

The Age of AI: How AI Is Searching for Aliens

by Robert Downey Jr.


In just one institute that focuses on finding extraterrestrial life, 44 TB of new data is gathered each day. It's impossible for humans to analyze this much data. This is why intelligent machines are helping us learn more about the space, showing us the way, and making our search much more efficient.

The Age of AI is a series of YouTube original documentaries, showing us just how our modern lifestyles are unimaginable without artificial intelligence. From finance, entertainment, and cognitive psychology, robotics and finally to astronomy, AI helps us make groundbreaking new discoveries more quickly than ever before.

Signal analysis is done largely by intelligent machines that are trying to detect interesting cosmic events in the sea of non-living objects such as asteroids, cosmic dust, and dwarf stars. Thanks to AI, humans are now able to look deep into space and make meaningful conclusions about the presence of intelligent life on astronomical bodies.

Favorite quote

I do think we're going to find extraterrestrials, I do think we're going to find signs of civilization beyond Earth, and I do think it's going to be AI that finds it.

- Graham Mackintosh, AI expert

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