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The Achievement Habit

Bernard Roth

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The Achievement Habit shows us that being an 'achiever' is a skill to be learned, using the principles of Design Thinking to stop us wishing, and actually start doing.


The Achievement Habit

The Achievement Habit

by Bernard Roth


Bernie Roth is a professor of engineering at Stanford and co-founded the school's design institute, nicknamed 'The d.School', in 2003. Roth is always on the lookout for what he can do to help others, which is why, during both of his sabbaticals as a professor, he started writing a book.

The first book was at the very beginning of his career, which ended up taking 9 years, to write and turned out to be a 525-page collection of equations. It was dubbed 'the book of the century' and 'the best kinematics book ever written' – but unfortunately only by his academic peers, so it ended up selling just 2,000 copies. In The Achievement Habit, he lets you in on how to finally reach your goals by taking control of your own existence.

Favorite quote

We don't realize how many of our fixed views of the world are based on limited samples of reality.

- Bernard Roth

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