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The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins

5 mins

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The 5 Second Rule is a simple tool that undercuts most of the psychological weapons that our brain employs to keep us from taking action, allowing us to procrastinate less, and live happier.


The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule

by Mel Robbins


Ever used counting as a psychological trick to get yourself to do something? Maybe you've counted to three before jumping off the diving board at the pool, or tried slowly counting to ten to calm yourself down when you were angry. Simple as it may seem, the counting method has the power to change your life.

Mel Robbins is a CNN contributor, world-famous speaker, and bestselling author. In this book, Robbins recounts how she used a simple psychological trick to get her life on track - and how you can do the same.

Favorite quote

Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for a just nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one small hesitation triggers a mental system that’s designed to stop you. And it happens in less than—you guessed it—five seconds.

- Mel Robbins

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