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The 4 Day WeekBy Andrew Barnes, Stephanie Jones

In a Nutshell

The 4 Day Week will help you boost productivity by reducing the working week by one day and implementing other changes to help employees become healthier, happier, and more focused.

Favorite quote

The five-day week is a nineteenth-century construct that is not fit for purpose in the twenty-first century.

Andrew Barnes


The work life of westerners has dramatically changed over the last century, and even more during the last decade. Many people are now subscribing to the gig mentality and working various freelance jobs with flexible hours. It might be nice to have that freedom, but the lack of stability can be scary. With the internet and a variety of new technologies, work can now be found from the comfort of your own home. In certain instances, you may be unable to escape work – even when at home. In these cases, finding a way to balance one's personal and private life can be quite a challenge. How can we find real balance in our professional lives?

Andrew Barnes' The 4 Day Week lets you know how you can find your balance, improve your relationship, and work on creating a better future for all workers through rearranging your routine and habits.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Productivity improves when you take another day off
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