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The 12 Week YearBy Brian P. Moran, Michael Lennington

In a Nutshell

The 12 Week Year teaches us how we can reliably hit our goals by planning in 12-week cycles, instead of following our typical 12-month routine.

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The number-one thing that you will have to sacrifice to be great, to achieve what you are capable of, and to execute your plans, is your comfort.

Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington


If you were to ask a group about what their greatest struggle was when setting goals, many of them would express difficulty with actually taking action. It's a common thing - many of us have a hard time sticking with our goals. Juggling a job, a personal life, and hobbies can be difficult. Nothing comes easy, especially the projects that are really worth it.

The 12-Week Year addresses this problem. We can often overwhelm ourselves and get into a procrastination cycle keeping us from achieving our goals.

Authors Brian Moran and Michael Lennington are coaches with experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, and public speaking. Growing businesses and individuals are their passion. Their expertise in productivity and planning makes them well-qualified to help others succeed. With their help, you'll take back control of your life - and turn your dreams into reality.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    The 12-week year approach shatters the shackles of yearly goal-setting
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