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The 1% Rule

Tommy Baker

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This book from the Resist Average blogger Tommy Baker synthesizes various self-help principles into one simple rule: improve by 1% every day.


The 1% Rule

The 1% Rule

by Tommy Baker


The self-help industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom: Life and business coaches are everywhere, while motivational videos and podcasts dominate the airways.

The self-help arena can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those just entering it. Some self-help principles apply to certain people and situations only, making them entirely unhelpful outside a specific context. What works for one person may not work for another. Navigating myriad self-help podcasts, videos, books, and coaching services can seem like an endless journey. It can leave people feeling even more lost than when they started.

Tommy Baker is the author of numerous books and the Resist Average blog. He seeks to counter the overwhelming nature of the self-help industry. 2018's The 1% Rule brings together the most useful self-help principles in one place. Its aim is to guide beginners towards a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement.

Favorite quote

When you truly love who you're becoming, you become unstoppable.

- Tommy Baker

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