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Thanks for Feedback

Douglas Stone

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Thanks for the Feedback will skyrocket your personal growth and success, helping you see the vital role that criticism plays in your ability to improve as a person, and teaching you how to receive it well.


Thanks for Feedback

Thanks for Feedback

by Douglas Stone


Would you rather have a boss who yells at you and calls you names, or who carefully lets you know what to improve on and how? Of course, you'd prefer a kinder supervisor, but more often than not you have to deal with harsh criticism. Receiving feedback in this way isn't fun, but you can learn valuable lessons on how to improve even if someone is shouting at you - and it helps if you're not a hypocrite and can give others feedback without raising your voice.

Both telling people what they're doing wrong, and hearing from others what you need to improve on, is tough. It's hard to know how sensitive to be in both circumstances, and it's easy to get offended on either side of the fence. The benefits of being able to give and receive feedback are clear, though. You know that taking it well gives you a chance to grow, and sharing it well helps you lift others. But how can you do this?

That's what Douglas Stone's book Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well is all about. You'll get to know the three types of criticism, learn how to understand what others tell you to work on, discover why it's harder for some people to take feedback, and much more.

Favorite quote

Receiving feedback sits at the intersection of these two needs - our drive to learn and our longing for acceptance.

- Douglas Stone

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