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Thank You for Being Late

Thomas L. Friedman

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Thank You For Being Late helps you to slow down and take life at a reasonable pace by explaining the state of our rapidly changing environment, economy, and technology.


Thank You for Being Late

Thank You for Being Late

by Thomas L. Friedman


In 2007, the first iPhone had just hit the market. Its invention truly revolutionized the world of telephones and changed our relationship with technology in general. Our devices now allow us to take pictures, video chat with our friends, or even buy and sell crypto. They've become our virtual portal to the rest of the world.

Technology is evolving at an accelerating rate, making it extremely important for us to remain adaptable. Negative phenomena like climate change can be countered by the digitalization of platforms that allow us to share our innovative ideas with just one click of a button.

In Thank You For Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas L. Friedman delves into what it means to be living in a world hurtling into the future. If we want to thrive in our times, we need to understand the three biggest forces at play: technology, globalization, and climate change.

Favorite quote

Today, our social media experiences are designed in a way that favors broadcasting over engagements, posts over discussions, shallow comments over deep conversations.

- Thomas L. Friedman

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