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Terms and Conditions May Apply

Cullen Hoback

5 mins

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Do you really know what you're agreeing to online? Documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply delves into the insidious world of the small print.


Terms and Conditions May Apply

Terms and Conditions May Apply

by Cullen Hoback


User agreements and privacy policies, we see them everywhere online and must always 'agree' to create an account. But what are we really agreeing to when we tick that box? We never used to have to agree to use a landline, watch TV or read a book, but if you buy a cell phone, watch Netflix, or use a Kindle, you have to accept terms and conditions. What's changed?

Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary produced and directed by American filmmaker Cullen Hoback, who is also a columnist and public speaker. The film won best documentary at the Newport Beach and Sonoma Valley film festivals in 2013. In a Q&A, Hoback admitted to being critical of corporations and the government, wishing to expose them in this documentary.

Terms and Conditions May Apply explores how corporations and governments use data and information collected online for their own means.

Favorite quote

If you were to read everything you agreed to, it would take one full month of work out of every year. That's 180 hours.

- Cullen Hoback

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