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Ten Steps to Nanette

Hannah Gadsby

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Comedian Hannah Gadsby explores her childhood, the traumas of growing up queer in 1980s Tasmania, and the success of her stand-up comedy special Nanette.


Ten Steps to Nanette

Ten Steps to Nanette

by Hannah Gadsby


When Hannah Gadsby's stand-up comedy special Nanette debuted in early 2017, it caused an immediate sensation. Over the course of the one-hour-long show, the Australian comedian went from deadpan jokes to a blistering takedown of the creative industries and a tense, urgent exploration of trauma and its aftereffects.

In Ten Steps to Nanette, Gadsby walks us through everything that led to the creation of her Emmy Award-winning show, from her childhood as a closeted lesbian in small-town Tasmania to her struggles with mental health as an adult. In this humorous yet deeply moving memoir, Gadsby details her career trajectory and shows how her comedy special Nanette was a lifetime in the making.

Favorite quote

I owe stand-up comedy my life: it gave me the platform and the purpose to playfully interrogate my own story and unravel the immature and sometimes toxic versions of events that my younger, traumatized brain had settled on.

- Hannah Gadsby

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