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Erik Davis

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Erik Davis' groundbreaking book connects the enchanted world of ancient myths and mysticism with a history of innovations in technology and media.




by Erik Davis


Has technology replaced spirituality in our search for meaning? TechGnosis explores how new technologies shape and transform human consciousness in surprisingly mystical ways.

Erik Davis is a journalist, podcaster, and scholar who writes about the intersections of science and spirituality. Davis earned a Ph.D. from Rice University in Religious Studies and is an expert in the studies of mysticism, esotericism, and Gnosticism.

Davis' first book, TechGnosis, gained a dedicated cult following in the late 1990s and was re-released with updates in 2015. Mapping a history of 'technomysticism,' TechGnosis is just as relevant today; many of the first edition's predictions are playing out in present-day technological advancements.

Favorite quote

By creating a new interface between the self, the other, and the world beyond, media technologies become part of the self, the other, and the world beyond.

- Erik Davis

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