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Teaching Young Learners Online

British Council

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This FutureLearn course from the British Council discusses how you can deliver learning outcomes in an online class by engaging young students with fun activities and personalizing the online learning experience.


Teaching Young Learners Online

Teaching Young Learners Online

by British Council


For teachers and young learners, the COVID-19 pandemic is all about adjusting to the new reality of online classrooms. What can teachers do to help students stay engaged, curious, and excited during remote learning?

The British Council is a UK-based organization that has been promoting cultural relations, education, and English language learning for more than 75 years. Having helped more than 100 million students learn English language skills in a matter of decades, the British Council continues to do so around the world.

In this course presented by FutureLearn, the British Council uses its expertise to help teachers make the online learning experience more meaningful, interactive, and fun for young students.

Favorite quote

Routines establish a safe and secure learning environment. You know what you're going to do when you're going to do it, and who you're going to do it with.

- Kathryn Jordan, English language teacher

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