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Tarzan Economics

Will Page

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Just as Tarzan leaped from vine to vine, this book from Spotify's former chief economist Will Page explains how a business can develop the instinct to pivot from one successful strategy to the next.


Tarzan Economics

Tarzan Economics

by Will Page


In these days of infinite legal streaming, it's hard to comprehend that not so long ago, the digital revolution threatened to destroy the entire music industry. As chief 'rockonomist' at Spotify, Will Page had a front-row seat to this massive sea change.

Now a regular contributor to Billboard and The Economist, Page brings his insider's perspective to explain how businesses can not only survive disruption, but harness it in order to thrive. Through relatable examples and an accessible style, Tarzan Economics shows how turning a problem on its head often reveals the opportunity beneath.

Favorite quote

Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?

- Screaming Lord Sutch, musician

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