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Talking About Race at Work

Kwame Christian

5 mins

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Talking About Race at Work explores the challenges of taking a stance on issues of racial inequality in a professional setting, while offering practical, evidence-based solutions.


Talking About Race at Work

Talking About Race at Work

by Kwame Christian


Although you may already feel the need to speak up about discrimination, you might not know how to do this effectively, especially in a restrictive setting like the workplace. To create a more inclusive environment and make strides towards acceptance and justice, it is paramount to have these uncomfortable conversations, both at home and at work.

In this course, negotiation and conflict resolution expert Kwame Christian gives guidance to help you open up conversations and facilitate a better understanding of race relations. In his role as Director of the American Negotiation Institute, Christian conducts workshops about civil rights and conflict management for large companies, giving him a unique insight into issues commonly encountered in the workplace.

Christian highlights the need to acknowledge and validate the emotions of the people you're speaking with, and collaborate with them to find solutions. Using innate human curiosity and the desire for acceptance, Christian constructs a framework that is sure to spark insightful and productive conversations.

Favorite quote

The best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations.

- Kwame Christian

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