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Talking About Cancer

Cancer Research UK

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In this course, expert nurses from Cancer Research UK explain how anyone can learn to talk about cancer and advocate for cancer prevention and screening.


Talking About Cancer

Talking About Cancer

by Cancer Research UK


One in two people will develop cancer at some point during their lifetime. Talking about cancer can be difficult, but a simple conversation about detecting or preventing it could save someone's life. How can you be sure you have the knowledge or skills necessary to handle a conversation about cancer in the right way?

Cancer Research UK is a leading charity in cancer research, prevention, and treatment. Gwen Kaplan and Gillian Kilgour are nurses and Cancer Awareness Trainers dedicated to teaching the skills needed to discuss and prevent cancer.

In the course Talking About Cancer, Kaplan, Kilgour and other expert nurses explain how anyone can learn the skills to talk about cancer. These skills could encourage people to get screened. This course outlines how to learn the facts about cancer. It also provides guidance on how to identify barriers to care, engage others, and develop a plan for talking about cancer.

Favorite quote

Talking about cancer in everyday conversations can help to promote prevention and early diagnosis.

- Gillian Kilgour, Cancer Awareness Trainer at Cancer Research UK

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