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Chip Heath, Dan Heath

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Switch is about how you can lead and encourage changes of human behavior, both in yourself and in your organization, by focusing on the three forces that influence it: the rider, the elephant, and the path.




by Chip Heath


After Made To Stick, Chip and Dan Heath tackled human behavior's potential for change. In order to address the question, they look at three driving forces behind behavior and change: the rational side, the emotional side, and the environment in which the transformation is supposed to happen.

You might have heard the analogy of your brain as a rational rider, sitting on top of an emotional, stubborn elephant trying to direct it, which makes it easier to understand how your brain's rational and emotional side work together. Originally introduced by Jonathan Haidt in The Happiness Hypothesis, the Heath brothers pick it up and use it as the common thread of Switch.

Favorite quote

Knowledge does not change behavior. We have all encountered crazy shrinks and obese doctors and divorced marriage counselors.

- Chip Heath, Dan Heath

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