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Surrounded by Idiots

Thomas Erikson

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An entertaining guide to working out how other people are wired, and how to communicate across the four main personality types.


Surrounded by Idiots

Surrounded by Idiots

by Thomas Erikson


If you've ever wondered why many of the people around you seem to misinterpret most of what you say, this book is for you. After a successful entrepreneur complained he was literally 'surrounded by idiots,' behavioral consultant Thomas Erikson resolved to devote himself to explaining why such false perceptions occur.

Erikson has spent decades teaching companies about how to make sense of the people around them, using the concept of Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue characteristics. None of us is fully one color – most people exhibit strong traits of at least two, within one dominant strain.

Surrounded by Idiots unravels the inner workings of each type so we can put ourselves in the shoes of those whose emotional makeup greatly differs from ours, with hints on 'translating' their behaviors. Erikson demonstrates why time spent understanding others' internal wiring leads to a happier workplace and more fulfilling personal life.

Favorite quote

No matter what method you choose to communicate with, as an individual, you will always be in the minority.

- Thomas Erikson

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