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Super Confidence

Kain Ramsay

5 mins

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This course from personal growth expert Kain Ramsay is designed to help us let go of dependence and become the most empowered version of ourselves.


Super Confidence

Super Confidence

by Kain Ramsay


Like many of us, Kain Ramsay spent the earlier part of his life constantly seeking approval, until he realized that he was building superficial relationships and living his life according to how other people wanted him to live it. Ramsay began a lifelong personal development journey, becoming a best-selling author and renowned teacher of personal and professional growth.

In this course, Ramsay walks us through his own enlightenment journey so that we may begin to move toward healthier relationships and a more confident mindset. With a candid and gritty coaching style that tackles issues others might be too polite to share, Ramsay teaches us to stop living for others and start living for ourselves.

Favorite quote

Unless you have a vision for your very own life, then you're going to spend the rest of your days helping someone else pursue theirs.

- Kain Ramsay

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