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Suggestible You

Erik Vance

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In Suggestible You, award-winning science journalist Erik Vance helps us understand and utilize the power of our mind-body connection. He explains the effect that our thoughts have on our bodies, including pain, illness, and memory – and how we can take advantage of them.


Suggestible You

Suggestible You

by Erik Vance


You already know your brain is incredible. But did you know that, on its own, your brain has the ability to relieve pain, heal you from sickness, or even trick itself? The key to unlocking this potential is the art of suggestion.

Your brain runs on expectations, and it doesn't like to be let down. Rather than facing reality and changing its beliefs, your brain would sometimes rather change reality. Through suggestion, you can tap into this power and your mind can do amazing things.

In Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain's Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal, Erik Vance delves into the fascinating world of expectation and suggestion. From the placebo effect to hypnotism, the brain has incredible ways of tricking itself. Vance will help you harness this power and use it to improve your own life.

Favorite quote

Inside us is an expectation-fueled suite of drugs poised to change how we see painful experiences. But can we harness those drugs? It turns out we already do.

- Erik Vance

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