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Streaming, Sharing, Stealing

Michael D. Smith et al.

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In Streaming, Sharing, Stealing, Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang examine how big data is transforming the entertainment industry, and what major broadcasters, labels, and publishers can learn from Amazon, Apple, Google, and Netflix.


Streaming, Sharing, Stealing

Streaming, Sharing, Stealing

by Michael D. Smith et al.


For most of the 20th century, a handful of film studios, record labels, and publishers dominated the entertainment industry. Now, the ground is shifting beneath the media titans' feet.

For Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang, professors of economics and information systems at Carnegie Mellon University, it all comes down to data. In Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment, the authors explain how changes in information technology have altered the dynamics of power and profit in entertainment.

Drawing on ten years of research, market data, and close observation of the industry, this book examines how data analytics have enabled digital platforms to bypass traditional media decisionmakers. From new ways of delivering value and identifying market potential to unprecedented degrees of personalization and convenience, the future of entertainment looks bright – but who will benefit?

Favorite quote

People... operate with beliefs and biases. To the extent you can eliminate both and replace them with data, you gain a clear advantage.

- John Henry, investor

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